Who Can Help You Find the Right Divorce Attorney?

Divorce is a highly personal issue that impacts every aspect of your life. Whether you are dealing with property division, custody, spousal support or another family law matter, finding the best divorce attorney in Beverly Hills, CA can make all the difference. An experienced family lawyer can protect your interests throughout the legal process and ensure you receive what is rightfully yours.

Family and divorce law matters can be complex and difficult to resolve. Having an experienced and compassionate lawyer on your side can help alleviate some of the stress of these delicate issues. A Beverly Hills divorce attorney can help you locate and value marital assets, negotiate spousal support and child support, determine who pays attorney fees in divorce and more.

An experienced Beverly Hills divorce attorney can also handle disputes over pre- and post-nuptial agreements, domestic violence, paternity, restraining orders, annulment and other concerns. They can provide you with a comprehensive approach to handling your case, allowing you to regain control of your life.

The Law Offices of Allie Weinstein empowers individuals and families in Beverly Hills. It has over 12 years of experience and helps clients with divorce proceedings, restraining orders and domestic violence cases. The firm also provides estate planning services and offers pre- and post-nuptial agreements. It has extensive knowledge in fertility law and assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures.

Pedram Mansouri is a California certified family law specialist. He has a diverse family law practice and is known for his ability to negotiate settlements for high net worth individuals. He has defended numerous individuals in custody and visitation disputes and has experience with domestic violence cases, restraining orders and divorces. He is committed to preserving the rights of his clients.

Debra Opri & Associates has over three decades of experience in divorce and other family law issues. She has represented spouses of professional athletes, entertainers and business owners. Her boutique practice handles divorces, child custody disputes, alimony and property division. She is also a trained mediator.

A skilled Beverly Hills divorce attorney can provide assistance with property division issues, including the division of assets and debts. This can be especially challenging when the couple owns a business together. An experienced lawyer can help determine the value of a business and can work with both parties to reach a fair agreement.

Under California divorce laws, the term “irreconcilable differences” is considered a sufficient reason to get a divorce. However, this does not mean one spouse is not at fault for the failure of the marriage. A spouse can still be found liable for infidelity, domestic violence or other reasons that contributed to the end of the relationship. In such situations, a divorce may be granted if proper medical or psychiatric testimony is provided. This must be presented to a judge. The court will then decide if the marriage should be terminated. The divorce process typically takes about six months from the date the petition is filed and served on the non-filing spouse.