Alfa Rome unveils 4C Launch Edition for Europe, priced at 60K euros

March 25th, 2013

Alfa-Romeo-4C-LE-4[2]Everyone knew that Alfa Romeo will unveil the new 4C in Geneva but the Italian line was able to come up with a surprise for its fans by unwrapping the Launch Edition of the sporty compact coupe.

Alfa Romeo wil only come up with just 1,000 units of this exclusive version of the 4C. Four hundred of the 4C Launch Edition vehicles will be heading to the Middle East, Africa, and Europe; 500 will will offered in North America; and the rest will be distributed in different markets around the world. The limited edition Alfa Romeo 4C has a tag price of 60,000 euros or about USD 78,000. The sticker price is inclusive of VAT but does not include local taxes.

The special edition 4C will come in two body finish, the Alfa Red and the Carrara White. Other cool features that come as standard will be a rear diffuser made of alumnium, Bi-LED headlamps, carbon fiber aerodynamic package, and alloy rims.

The vehicle will also sport an upgraded exhaust system that comes with an air filter by BMC, a suspension kit that has been specially calibrated, and brake calipers that match the color of the body. The interior will feature seats, hugged by leather, Alcantara, or fabric while eye-catching red stitches highlight the mats, handles, seats, handbrake, and the steering wheel.

Under the hood of the Alfa Romeo 4C is a turbocharged powerplant with a displacement of 1.75 liters. The engine gives out 236 horses and a torque of 258 lb-ft. All of the power is transferred to the rear wheels using a 6-speed dual-clutch geabox.

The car’s gearbox is controlled by a next-gen software that helps that car to efficiently go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. The manufacturer claims a top speed of 250 kilometers an hour.

Alfa Romeo did not equip the car with any steering power assistance. This was purposely done to give a superlative driving experience according to the car manufacturer.

Preview: 2014 Audi SQ5

January 8th, 2013

Most Sport Utility Vehicles lack character in terms of being true sporty. Well, unless you call the ice chest, dog, and surfboards on its roof that you bring as “sport”. Some autophiles have found the real meaning of the Sport part and it seems that the new Audi SQ5 will live up to its name. The newest creation of Audi is set to be unwrapped during the upcoming auto show in Detroit this month.

The Audi SQ5 will have a V-6 engine with a supercharger that can output 354 horses and a torque of 346 lb-ft. The power of the engine is transferred to all corners via an 8-speed tiptronic automatic gearbox.

The SQ5 can go from 0 to 62 miles an hour in a matter of 5.3 seconds. The top speed is limited to 155mph. The name of the SUV might sound familiar if you are in the United States but that was the diesel version that was not released last year. The 2014 Audi SQ5 that will hit the US market will be the gasoline version with a fuel mileage of around 21 mpg.

If you are a serious SUV aficionado, you know that a good SUV needs a serious suspension system to have a smooth ride. In front Audi designers lowered the vehicle by 30mm compared to the donor platform. They also stiffened its springs and adjusted the dampers tight. The SQ5 rolls on 20 inch rims.

You cannot expect much in the area of steering when it comes to SUVs but Audi’s electromechanical steering system comes into play. The steering system is controlled by the drive select system of Audi that also controls other aspects of the ride.

For the interior of the SUV, you have a sporty theme dominated by aluminum-like finishes for the pedals and pedals, gray dials, and black all over. The seats are hugged by high quality leather available in different colors.

The Audi SQ5 is due to be released in the US by the 3rd quarter of this year.

Porsche Tuning: 911 Cabriolet gets center driving position

November 8th, 2012

How do you want to modify the Porsche 911? Let us count the ways. You might not have thought of giving this sleek ride a 1+2 seating layout did you? You know, make the car a three-seater with the driver and the steering wheel in the center of the cabin?

This was how an Ohio-based tuning company called Trinity Motorsports modified the Porsche 911 and called it the Centro 911.

The car was developed for a client that opted to be anonymous. The gentleman wanted to imitate the central driving position of the McLaren F1 on his 997 Cabriolet. The rear seats for the modified Porsche though turned to be too cramped for comfort so they will only be good as a storage area.

The Centro 911 project took about twelve months to complete. The car was showcased in Atlanta last month during the ALMS Petit LeMans.

The tuning firm is working on another Porsche, and another client wants another Centro 911.

YouTube Preview Image

2013 Aventador by Lamborghini gets cylinder-deactivation

August 30th, 2012

lamborghini-aventador-2013The stricter laws requiring better fuel consumption and lesser carbon dioxide emissions have been pushing carmakers to develop new technologies to make their vehicles cleaner and more efficient. According to a recent report, Lamborghini has equipped its 2013 Aventador with cylinder-deactivation.

This new technology cuts down the operation of the cylinder from using all twelve pistons to just half of the number. With only six pistons working, this essentially akes the 6.5L V12 to a V-6, at least temporarily. The rest of the cylinders go into action when the system determines that they are needed. Shutting down some of the cylinders while cruising down on the road improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and also reduces the CO2 it spews out into the atmosphere.

The cylinder-deactivation setup will be used in tandem with a start-stop system that automatically turns off the engine and restarts it to decrease the idling time of the Aventador. This further decreases consumption of fuel and its emissions. The engine can be turned on again once the driver steps on the accelerator. The restart occurs lightning quick at 180 milliseconds.

Lamborghini also applied the science of ridding the car of excess weight. Instead of using a battery, the engineers opted for capacitors that resulted to about 7 lbs off the total weight. The capacitor is an electronic part that can store energy. It is just like a battery but smaller and lighter, plus it charges a lot quicker.

With the upgrades to the Aventador, the fuel economy goes up to 16 liters for every 100 kilometers from 17.2L for the same distance. The CO2 emission also dropped to 370 grams for every kilometer instead of 398g.

The 2013 Aventador will have other modifications such as stiffer springs and tweaked dampers to improve ride comfort, refreshed instrument cluster that will be more readable, and a dose accessories made of carbon fiber.

The new Aventador is expected to be unwrapped during the Paris Auto Show this September.

BMW unveil its fleet of bikes, motorcycles, and cars for the 2012 Olympics

April 30th, 2012

BMW is the official ride for the 2012 summer Olympics in London. The BMW Group will bring in about 3,000 vehicles to serve different purposes from transporting game officials or judges or maybe hauling boats for some games.

Just this week, the German car manufacturer released details about the fleet that they will send to help out during the 2012 London Olympics. The fleet consists of bikes, motorcycles, electric cars, hybrids, diesels, and low emission vehicles. In short, it will be a BMW show on the roads of London.

BMW will be providing 160 units of the 1 Series Active E Coupe which is a pure electric ride, forty units of the all-electric MINI, about 1,550 BMW 320d, and 25 motorcycles ranging from the R1200RT, R1200GS, and the F650GS. There will also be 700 units of the 520d, 20 units of the Active Hybrid BMW 5-Series, 17 units of the X3 xDrive 20d, and 200 units of the Country Cooper D by MINI.

The carmaker wants to showcase the range of BMW technology which boasts of good fuel economy and lower carbon dioxide emissions. The vehicles will also include rides which are compliant with the EU6, and they will be such a presence on the streets of London.

BMW wants to share the vision of having sustainable mobility in the urban setting during the summer Olympics thru rides that feature their electric technology. Fans can visit the pavilion of the BMW Group at the Olympic Park to see some samples of the members of the BMW fleet serving during the games.

Preview: Asma Design tunes Lamborghini Aventador

February 20th, 2012

lamborghini-aventador-asmaThe engineers and designers at the tuning firm ASMA Design turn their creative eyes on the flagship vehicle of the Lamborghini garage, the LP700-4 Aventador.

The tuning firm has been known for their works on luxury car brands. Some of their creations include the SLR Perfectus, CLS Shark II from Mercedes, and they also recently tweaked the Cayenne by Porsche.

Looking at the released rendeding of the Lamborghini Aventador, it seems most panels have been redesigned except for the rear and the diffuser. ASMA also used their trademark big wheels for the design. ASMA designers also integrated with the top of the quarter panel and fender louvered vents, installed taillight jail bars, and totally redesigned the side skirts which will be extended to the quarter panels.

The look is quite radical looking at the three-quarter perspective of the Aventador by ASMA. The tuning company keeps everyone guessing with how they dealt with the front end of the Lamborghini. As like their other projects, it can get pretty crazy too for sure. Let us just all hope the Aventador will not be ruined in the end.

ASMA is expected to release more photos of the Lamborghini Aventador on a later date.

Renting a Classic Car in Las Vegas, Nevada

November 22nd, 2010

When you are in a stylish city like Las Vegas and you want to create  an impact where ever you go, make sure that you have a good looking car with you. Vegas StripSo why not go ahead and rent yourself a classic car so that you can retain your rock star image? There are many agencies that rent out classic cars and the prices are also great. These cars are fully insured and very well maintained. There is a wide variety of cars that you can choose from Bentley Pontiac Bonneville, Mustangs, Essex Super Six are some of them and there are many more which you might be tempted to rent if you have a fetish for stylish cars.

Remember Las Vegas is a stylish city and to make a fashion statement there everything you do has to follow the norms of fashion. From the clothes you wear to the places you go- everything has to be stylish and a classic car is considered to be a fashion statement by all. So wherever in Las Vegas you might be make sure you have the right car with you especially if you want to be a head turner. Once you have rented out your favorite classic  car you can be rest assured that you will be noticed when you go dashing down the streets of Las Vegas .So if you have ever dreamt of taking your girlfriend in your arms and driving around Las Vegas you can now turn it into reality.

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“Wo ist der Tank?”, Sexy Audi Commercial

October 2nd, 2010

Audi is really playing out the fuel efficiency card, and with ads dedicated to pimping that quality in their luxury cars – who knows!

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Collision Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance

July 30th, 2010

Collision insurance is a very broad term used to refer to a variety of policies, offering varying coverage for automobile collisions. This can range from simply covering the associated repair costs, to paying for resultant health care expenses, that of the other driver etc. What all these offerings have in common is that they represent some level of financial assistance, above that of the insurance legally required, to policy holders in the event of a collision, hence the name.

crashed bmwCosts for collision insurance vary based on a number of factors. These include; (i) safety record of the driver seeking insurance (ii) value of the car and (iii) location. Usually, the most influential of these is the safety record and drivers with a history of frequent collisions will find themselves paying much higher premiums or even being denied insurance altogether. It should be noted that insurance statistics for collisions are based on claims, so paying for minor accidents out of pocket can save you money in the long run.

On a whole collision insurance is usually more than adequate for the average driver with no pre-disposed likelihood for misfortune. For drivers who desire, still, more protection and want the comfort of having nothing to worry about in any eventuality, there is comprehensive insurance.

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Audi A2 Made More Affordable

May 11th, 2010

For fans of the Audi A2, you’ll be happy to know that the model is slated to make its comeback in 2012. Audi A2Due to high demand, the second-generation Audi A2 will also be more affordable. The vehicle will be manufactured with conventional steel monocoque which is based on the A1 model. This will replace the aluminum spaceframe of the original A2.

With the lower priced model, the new Audi A2 will be rivaling front drive Mercedes-Benz and BMW models. When it comes to style, though, details of the A2 will be retained. While it’s still unconfirmed, the car is expected to have a tall, one-box design. The new A2 will probably also showcase sleek, narrow tracks, just like its predecessor.

Audi Chairman Rupert Stradler confirmed that the company’s priority is to release an electric-drive version of the A2. He said that it’s possible for the company to use the A1 e-tron range extender set-up on the new model.  Meanwhile, more conventional versions of the model will be given ranges of 4-cylinder diesel and petrol engines. These engines are also available in the A1 model.

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